zz – Obsolete

1900. IMU5 Entries for Ineligible PC Applicants – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-21 March 3, 2022

IM#51, May 18, 2017

Qualified entities will also submit completed PE determinations that reflect ineligibility to the FSD county office for entry in the IMU5 system. The FSD staff will register a Presumptive Eligibility for Children application and enter the case rejection in the system.  Keep all denied Presumptive Eligibility documentation in the virtual fileroom.

The rejection entries are as follows:

  1. Enter “A” Case Data Update at Enter Update Selection;
  2. Field 5 – Case action 20 (reject);
  3. Field 7 – Reason rejected. The system will only accept the following reason codes in field 7 of a Presumptive Eligibility rejection:
    • 01 Income exceeds limits
    • 38 Non-resident
    • 75 Received within last 12 months (system generated)
  4. Field 15b – Enter the QE provider number. This must be a valid provider number for the system to accept the entry;

The qualified entity should still send the IM-1SSL even if the child is found ineligible for Presumptive Eligibility for Children. Upon receipt, register and process the MO HealthNet application.