zz – Obsolete

1900.050.10.40 IBCC entries for BCCT PE – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-21 March 3, 2022

IM#51 May 18, 2017

Screen IBCC was developed to enter the BCCT PE. Upon receipt of a BCC-1 from the SMHW provider, access the screen by entering IBCC space DCN.

  1. Enter load, residence county, pay county, worker and supervisor numbers;
  2. Enter the applicants address;
  3. Enter diagnosis date in start date field as mm dd yy;
  4. Press control and receive store completed message.

Error messages will appear when accessing IBCC in the following situations:

  • Not a female,
  • Over age 65,
  • Cannot duplicate an active case, which appears if the individual already has active eligibility for another program.

If incorrect dates were entered, it will be necessary to contact the MO HealthNet Program and Policy Unit by email to Cole.MHNPolicy@dss.mo.gov for corrections.

Once the PE decision is entered, BCCT PE cases will appear in IM system as an “M2” case with a level of care “T” and reason “L” in the level of care (sanction) reason field.

The beginning date of eligibility will be the START DATE and eligibility will end the last day of the following month. The ending date of eligibility will appear in Field 32 of the IMU5. The only IMU5 transaction possible on M2 cases will be a closing action. The system will close the M2 case at the end of the eligibility period with reason code 68 (Time Limit Expires) unless already closed. It is necessary to close the M2 case if approving for another category of coverage with a closing reason of “39” Transferred to Other Assistance.