Presumptive Eligibility (PE) Programs Manual


IM#51, May 18, 2017

Qualified entities must verify if:

  • Applicant is currently receiving full MO HealthNet coverage; and
  • Applicant has received PE within the last 12 months or, if pregnant, during the current pregnancy.

In addition, QEs will need a DCN for each applicant.

QEs may use one of the following methods to obtain DCNs and answers to the above questions:

  • Call the Family Support Division (FSD) at (573) 751-9023
    • If there is no answer at this number, call (573) 751-9007.¬† Only use this number if no response at (573) 751-9023; or
    • Send an email to requesting the needed information.

Medical Eligibility (ME) Category Codes indicate the type of assistance received by applicants. The ME codes for Presumptive Eligibility, shown on MXIX, are as follows:

  • TEMP = 58 or 59;
  • SMHB-PE = 94 ¬†with a “P” in the TOC field;
  • PC = 87;
  • BCCT-PE = 83; and
  • MHF-PE = 05 with a “P” in the TOC field