Presumptive Eligibility (PE) Programs Manual

1900.050.10.30 Entries for MHF-PE

IM#51 May 18, 2017

When a Parent/Caretaker determination for PE is received the PE liaison in the FSD office will complete the following steps the same day as received:

  • MAGI Processing Centers receiving the PE-1SSL and PE-1Worksheet should scan or forward these documents to the email address with a subject line of “PE-Parent/Caretaker”. Then, if received, register the IM-1SSL, process and scan into the FSD Work Site following established procedures.
  • Non-MAGI offices and Resource Centers receiving a fax or scan of the PE-1SSL and PE-1Worksheet forms should scan or forward to the email address with a subject line of “PE-Parent/Caretaker”. Staff from the specified processing center will enter the PE coverage and register the IM-1 SSL into MEDES.

    NOTE: MHF-PE coverage will only be entered by a specified processing center. Until MEDES functionality exists to enter coverage, eligibility for Parents and Caretaker Relatives will be entered by submitting the appropriate information on the Bypass Method Request form.