0410.000.00 Determining Need

0410.015.10 Unearned Income

IM-162 October 10, 2019; IM-146 September 27, 2019; IM-29 April 8, 2010

Enter all types of income into the electronic record, including excluded incomes. Unearned income includes the following:

Income Maintenance Payments:

  1. Temporary Assistance
  2. Blind Pension
  3. SAB
  4. Refugee cash assistance
  5. PTD State Supplemental Payment
  6. OAA State Supplemental Payment
  7. Supplemental Nursing Care
  8. Welfare payments from another state
  9. Other need-based assistance programs

Government Programs:

  1. Black Lung benefits
  2. Payments held in trust by Secretary of Interior for Indians
  3. Vocational Rehabilitation payments for child care compensation
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation payments not for child care compensation

Annuities, Pensions, and Compensations:

  1. Union fund, pension benefits, or retirement
  2. Military retirement
  3. Disability benefit
  4. Veterans benefits paid by the Veterans Administration – Include under this income type veterans benefits payments to veterans with service-connected disabilities resulting from exposure to Agent Orange.
  5. Worker’s compensation
  6. Unemployment compensation
  7. Strike benefits
  8. Railroad Retirement
  9. Benefits received under Social Security Programs, such as Social Security Disability or Social Security Retirement or SSI
  10. Income from stocks, bonds, investments, trusts
  11. Annuities.

Other Payments:

  1. Property rental
  2. Regular contributions from relatives, friends, churches, clubs, etc. made directly to the participant
  3. Regular contributions from relatives, friends, churches, clubs, etc. made to a vendor on behalf of the participant (applicable only to participants in a boarding or nursing home)
  4. When real or personal property has been sold by a member of an assistance group on a time payment plan, and the unpaid balance does not make the participant ineligible, consider the down-payment (if any) as cash but include the time payments as income
  5. Consider payments received as the result of Third Party Liability (insurance) overages income for the month in which it is received
  6. Allotments including:
    • military allotments
    • community spouse allotments
    • minor/dependent allotments
    • minor living outside household allotments.
  7. Severance payments received from an employer when an employee’s job is terminated
  8. Subsidized employment
  9. Foster care payments
  10. Adoption subsidy payments
  11. Guardianship subsidy payments
  12. Support or alimony payments including the following:
    • child support – this is income to the child for whom the payment is made if the child is in the home
    • child support arrearages – this is income to the child for whom the payment is made if the child is in the home
    • child support payments paid for someone outside the home
    • alimony
    • alimony arrearages.
  13. Cash gifts
  14. Payments from immigrant (alien) sponsor
  15. Lottery/gambling income
  16. Incentive payments to encourage activity
  17. Representative payee payments not given to the beneficiary
  18. Reimbursements for living expenses
  19. Notes receivable
  20. Non–bona fide loans
  21. Nursing home insurance income
  22. Interest income

To compute unearned income, follow the guidelines in 0410.015.05.10 Examples of Income Patterns and 0410.015.05.25 Other Expenses of Producing Income listed under 0410.015.05 Earned Income.