Supplemental Nursing Care (SNC) Manual

0610.020.00 Supported Employment Income Disregard

IM-30 April 9, 2010; IM-30 April 4, 2008; IM-44 March 10, 2000

Individuals participating in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (DVR) Supported Employment Program are allowed a disregard of a portion of earnings from Supported Employment (SJ). Notification of the individual’s participation in Supported Employment may come from the individual, a Supported Employment Service Provider, or DVR.

The amount of Supported Employment income disregarded in the SNC grant determination is the same as the earned income disregard for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled. From the gross Supported Employment earnings exclude the first sixty-five ($65) and one-half (1/2) of the remainder. This income exclusion applies only to wages earned through Supported Employment. FAMIS automatically applies the disregard for Supported Employment (SJ) income.

NOTE: Continue to disregard income received from employment in a sheltered workshop and income received from employment as a patient worker at sub-minimum wages in an institution.