0630.000.00 Annual Renewals and Change in Circumstance

0630.015.25 SNC Transfers to an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID)

IM-120 November 18, 2021; IM-59 June 25, 2015; IM-30 April 4, 2008

A participant of any age is not eligible for the SNC cash grant while in an ICF/IID.

When an active SNC participant enters an ICF/IID, refer to policy for guidance in determining eligibility and transferring a case to vendor payments. Take action to stop the SNC cash grant, but continue MO HealthNet under SNC while vendor eligibility is being determined. Count any SNC payment the participant receives as income in the surplus computation.

NOTE: An advance notice of adverse action is not necessary since the participant is entering an institution, where cash assistance may not be continued.