Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0203.000.00 Temporary Assistance Application Processing

IM-75 May 5, 2019

It is the right of any individual to apply for assistance, including individuals who are clearly ineligible.  Each applicant must complete an application to apply. (13 CSR 40-2.010)

Applicants can apply online, in-person or by completing a paper application. Applicants have the right to appeal any decision made regarding their application.

In order to guarantee these rights, all applicants requesting assistance in a resource center will be asked to sign an IM-1TASF immediately.

Ensure the individual understands that a completed application form or completed telephone interview is required:

  • at the time of initial application for Temporary Assistance; and
  • upon re-application

NOTE: When a reinvestigation form for Temporary Assistance is received after the 30th day of the month and the case closed due to failure to complete and return a reinvestigation form, accept the reinvestigation form as a new application for benefits. A new TA application is not required. The date of application is the date the completed reinvestigation form is received by FSD.