Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0203.010.00 Requests for Assistance

IM-75 May 5, 2019

Requests for assistance are received in the following ways:

  1. In Person
    • IM-1TASF: FSD will complete an interview in the office or contact the applicant for an interview.
    • IM-1TALF: Includes all questions asked in the controlled flow in Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS) and incorporates many of the forms currently used when conducting an interactive interview. When the IM-1TALF is submitted by an applicant for TA an interview is not required.  If additional information is needed staff may need to contact the applicant for clarification or request additional information.
    • IM-1 or FA-100: If the applicant is also applying for other programs, the applicant will need an interview.
  1. Web Application

NOTE:  If the application is received on a weekend, a state or federal holiday or after business hours, the date of application is the next business day.

  1. Mail or Fax
    • If a request for application is received by mail or fax, send an IM-1TA, voter registration form and the print version of the TA orientation.
  1. Telephone
    • If a request for application is received by telephone, inform the applicant they can apply online at https://mydss.mo.gov/ or they can have a paper application. Send an IM-1TA Long Form.

          NOTE: The application is not complete until a signed application is form is received by FSD.