Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0203.040.00 Temporary Assistance Program Explanation/Orientation

IM-75 May 5, 2019

For Temporary Assistance (TA) applications made by web application or IM-1 TA Long Form necessary program explanation and orientation information is available on the application and an interview is not necessary.

For Temporary Assistance (TA) applications made by IM-1TA Short Form or FA-100, an interview must be completed. At the beginning of the interview, ask the applicant to explain his or her reason for being in the office, how he or she managed in the past, and his or her current situation.

TA Program Explanation includes all of the following:

  • Their Rights and Responsibilities
  • The time limits for processing applications
  • Verification required to establish eligibility
  • How need is determined and how standards are used
  • Their right to a fair hearing and appeal
  • The household’s responsibility for reporting changes appropriate for each program
  • The federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination, fraud provisions and penalties
  • Policy regarding quality control
  • Explanation of direct deposit and of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) of the Temporary Assistance grant
  • Voter Registration application/declination
  • TA Diversion Program – RSMo 208.040.5(6) established the eligibility guidelines for the TA Diversion program.
    • To qualify for a TA Diversion payment, a participant must be determined eligible for TA cash benefits. A TA Diversion payment is defined as a single lump sum payment equal to the maximum benefit based on the household size for a two or three month period.
    • A participant is not eligible for TA Diversion if an adult in the participant’s household has reached his or her TA cash benefit lifetime limit.
    • A participant requesting a diversion payment is eligible to receive a payment only if the participant establishes good cause. Refer to the Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual for more information.
    • Months in which a participant receives a payment under the TA Diversion program do not count toward the TA cash benefit lifetime limit.
    • A participant can only receive a total of five (5) TA Diversion program payments in his or her lifetime as a parent, guardian, or caretaker relative in a TA Diversion household. This limit includes payments from diversion programs in other states or U.S. jurisdictions. It is important to inquire if a participant has received a diversion payment in another state.
  • Discuss and provide service referrals [i.e. Women Infant and Children (WIC), Vocational Rehabilitation] as appropriate.

TA Orientation includes all of the following:

  • 45-month lifetime limit for the payee and second parent to receive cash benefits
  • Payee and second parent requirement to be in a work activity component unless they are exempt or excluded
  • Exemptions and exclusions from participation in a work activity
  • 25% sanction for non-cooperation with Child Support
  • Work activities: what they are, how he or she will participate, and what resources are available in the community
  • 50% sanctions for non-cooperation with Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program for up to a 10-week period. If not in compliance with MWA in 10 weeks, a full family sanction will be imposed and the entire TA case will close
  • Drug screening, drug testing, substance abuse treatment and the Highway Patrol match requirements
  • TA cash benefits are only to be used to meet the needs of the children, and benefits accessed at prohibited locations must be paid back
  • Restrictions on using the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card (see RSMo 208.024.1)
    • Liquor stores
    • Casinos, gambling casinos, or gaming establishments
    • Adult entertainment establishment

Give copies of the following leaflets to each applicant:

  1. Hearings (IM-4 Hearing)
  2. Child Support (CS-1 “What’s This About Child Support”)
  3. Child Care (IM-4CC)
  4. Electronic Benefit Transfer (IM-4EBT)
  5. List of Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program locations for those in the household who are mandatory to participate with the work requirement (see MWA Office Locations)

Complete the following forms, at a minimum if needed:

  1. Request For Direct Deposit (IM-20)
  2. CS Referral/Information for Services (IM-2E Part 1 and 2; CS-201)
  3. IMES Screen Employment Security Information for eligibility unit members over age 16 or emancipated
  4. Request for Information (FA-325)
  5. Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity (VS 465, VS 465F, VS 465M, and/or VS 465D)