Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0203.050.00 Interview Process

IM-75 May 5, 2019

  1. During the interview, confirm the program(s) being requested. Make sure the applicant is aware of all of the programs administered by FSD, including Child Care Subsidy so that the applicant can choose which program(s) to apply for.

NOTE: Refer to the FAMIS Resources for topics listed in the order they occur during the application interview.

  1. Confirm receipt of the signed attestation that the TA Orientation (IM-3 Orientation) video or script was completed, as well as the Personal Responsibility Plan (IM-3 PRP), if applicable. Review the TIMETRAK screen in FAMIS and discuss the 45-month lifetime limit. Discuss the IM-3EBT and IM-3TADRUG to ensure they understand what they have signed.

NOTE: Follow voter registration policies as outlined in 2100.000.00 Voter Registration Requirements.

  1. Explain to each applicant the eligibility requirements found in 0205.000.00 Eligibility Requirements. Address any concerns the applicant may have and make sure that each point of eligibility is covered as the interview progresses.
  2. Clearly and in an understandable manner, notify the applicant of any outstanding verification needed to determine eligibility. Inform the applicant of their responsibilities and deadlines for supplying needed information.

NOTE: If the applicant informs the Eligibility Specialist that he or she is experiencing difficulty in obtaining the information, staff should assist the applicant. Applications must have documentation that the Eligibility Specialist attempted to make every effort to obtain the needed information. Failure to do this is an agency error.

If available, the applicant must provide needed information to determine eligibility within 10 (ten) days. Two written requests providing 10 days for each MUST be sent to ensure the applicant has had an opportunity to provide the needed information.

The eligibility specialist will be responsible for giving the applicant the first written Request for Information at time of application interview or entry of the application information into FAMIS. This allows for timely generation of an automated second Request for Information sent by the system for any outstanding verification that still exists. The second Request for Information can be viewed or printed from the Document Queue (FMVM or DOCQUE) screen and is designated as request number “Two”.

  1. Date stamp any documentation or correspondence provided with the date received then follow office procedure for tracking and entry into ECM. This includes information obtained during the initial interview (i.e. photo id, birth certificates, paystubs, etc.).
  2. An applicant shall not be required to provide documentation if the Division has access to the information, unless it is inaccurate, incomplete, or insufficient. During the initial interview, have the applicant complete and/or sign the needed forms to obtain information or establish eligibility. If the interview is conducted over the phone, discuss the needed forms and the necessity of returning them signed.
  3. An application cannot be rejected because of failure of a person outside the household to provide information. Explore alternative methods of establishing eligibility on those factors in question.
  4. Provide the appropriate pamphlets and forms to the applicant during the initial interview. This is a mandatory part of every application interview to provide each applicant with a written notice of rights and responsibilities.
  5. If during the interview, FAMIS displays an ISD or insufficient data, it MUST be resolved immediately.
  6. Review the Interview Summary (FA-102) with the applicant and have them sign acknowledging review and agreement that the information on the summary is correct. If interview is not in person, review the interview summary with the applicant, then mail a copy of the FA-102 to the applicant requesting that they sign and return the form and make a comment in FAMIS.

NOTE: An application received online has the client’s electronic signature.

  1. Explain direct deposit of the cash grant during the initial interview. If the applicant wishes to have payments made in this way, the Agreement for Direct Deposit form (IM-20) must be signed and returned for processing.
  2. Explain Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) of the Temporary Assistance grant to new applicants.

NOTE: An interview is not needed if an application is received by web application or IM-1TA Long Form.