Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.010.00 Social Security Number (SSN)

IM-154 November 21, 2002

13 CSR 40-2.310(1)(C) requires application for and divulgence of a person’s SSN as a condition of eligibility for Temporary Assistance.

The following must either furnish their SSN to FSD, or if they do not have one, apply for a SSN and provide verification of such application as a condition of eligibility:

  1. each paid caretaker (parent, NPCR, or legal guardian included in the assistance group);
  2. each parent whose needs are not included but whose income is or would be if they had income (i.e., a sanctioned parent);
  3. each second parent;
  4. each eligible child.

Advise the family of the law [Section 402(a)(25) of the Social Security Act] that requires a SSN. Explain that the SSN is utilized in administering the Temporary Assistance program.  See the General Information Manual for how to verify SSNs.