Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.010.15 Refusal to Apply for or Furnish an SSN

IM-154 November 21, 2002

Do not deny or delay assistance pending issuance of an SSN; however, refusal to furnish or apply for an SSN causes the individual for whom such number is not furnished or applied for, to be ineligible for cash assistance.

Do not consider the needs of any individual, including children, for whom an SSN is not furnished or applied for in determining family need and the assistance grant amount.  Do not count this individual as a member of the assistance group for purposes of determining the amount of the standard.

Use this individual’s gross income, less overhead expenses, in the 185 percent income eligibility test, need and grant determination.  For earned income, allow only the standard work expense deduction and child care expense, up to the maximum.