Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.00 Deprived of Parental Support

IM-154 November 21, 2002; IM-76 May 11, 2000

13 CSR 40-2.310(5) provides that Temporary Assistance is granted with respect to any child deprived of parental support or care by reason of death, continued absence from the home, a parent’s physical or mental incapacity, or a parent’s financial need.

When a stepparent is in the home, apply instructions regarding loss of parental support or care only to the biological and adoptive children of such stepparents.  When a stepparent exists but application is not made for any of his/her children, determine eligibility based on the biological parents.  If the application includes both biological and stepchildren, determine eligibility for each child in respect to that child’s biological or adoptive parents.

If the Temporary Assistance family lives with an individual to whom the parent is NOT married and who is not the biological or adoptive parent of the child(ren), determine eligibility based on deprived of parental support.  Do not consider this individual as responsible for the care of the child(ren).  In determining need, do not include such individual as part of the assistance group, but consider any cash contribution he/she makes as income to the Temporary Assistance assistance group.

A parent in a Temporary Assistance family may live with someone to whom s/he is not married.  S/he may have children in common with this person and have children from a previous relationship.  Only the children whose parent is not in the home are deprived of parental support due to continued absence.

For families where the in common children are deprived of parental support due to incapacity or financial need, see 0210.005.05 Individuals Included in the Temporary Assistance Eligibility Unit.