Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.20.30 Incapacity Review

IM-154 November 21, 2002

A complete reinvestigation of all eligibility factors is not always necessary when determining if a physical incapacity still exists.  Obtain sufficient medical information to establish continuing eligibility on this factor as well as sufficient other information to determine whether employment status has changed.

At initial application, obtain verification through documentary evidence.  If unable to verify incapacity locally, refer to MRT to make the determination.

During the reinvestigation process, obtain current documentary information (in some cases, by contacting the attending physician by telephone) pertaining to deprivation of parental support due to a parent’s physical or mental incapacity.

If a medical decision is made to waive eligibility redetermination based on physical disability, do not obtain new information unless the individual’s physical or mental condition is questionable.