Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.060.15 Refusal to Cooperate

IM-104 December 20, 2012; IM-44 July 11, 2011

Do not deny, delay, or discontinue assistance pending a determination of good cause for refusal to cooperate if the applicant or Temporary Assistance (TA) participant complied with the requirements to furnish evidence or information. If an applicant or TA participant supplies evidence and information sufficient to determine good cause, approve the application if otherwise eligible to meet the 30 day deadline. This should occur whether or not a final determination of the good cause claim has been completed. When possible, make this determination before case approval. At the time of approval complete a Referral/Information for Services (CS-201) on the non-custodial parent if a final determination of good cause is pending. Inform the child support specialist (CSS) that the applicant or TA participant claimed good cause and that the final determination is pending.

Refer to 0205.060.05 Notice/Good Cause for Refusal to Cooperate for instructions on how to submit completed CS-201 forms.

If an applicant or TA participant refuses to cooperate, discuss his/her reasons. An applicant or TA participant may refuse to cooperate in establishing paternity or obtaining child support without sanction if good cause exists.