Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.070.10 Online Work Registration

IM-107 December 30, 2015

Senate Bill 24 from 2015 created the Strengthening Missouri Families Act. RSMo 208.026.3 states beginning January 1, 2016, any parent(s) or caretaker who applies for TA benefits must engage in work activities before becoming eligible from benefits, unless exempt from Temporary Assistance (TA) work requirements.

Applicants and second parents required to meet this eligibility factor must create an account with jobs.mo.gov. If an applicant for TA already has an account with jobs.mo.gov, they must login to their account at jobs.mo.gov prior to the TA application due date. The TA application will pend until verification is received that the individual(s) has created an account or logged-in to their existing account. If verification is not received, the application will reject.

Verification may be received electronically through a match with Division of Workforce Development (DWD), or the applicant may provide a printout of the “My Profile” page from their jobs.mo.gov account.

When this eligibility factor has been met, a date will be displayed on the “TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) screen in the “Engaged in Work Activity” field. Staff may manually enter the date the verification is received from the applicant when a printed screen is provided.

A User Guide “Navigating jobs.mo.gov” is available for staff to assist TA applicants creating an account or logging in the website.