Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.075.15.05 Domestic Violence

IM-24 April 22, 2011; IM-23 April 2, 2010

A participant may provide documentation to verify issues of domestic violence if it is available, but their statement may be the only way to establish this claim.

NOTE: Extensions should be granted when treatment or services that are being provided for the family situation prevents the individual from successfully participating in work activities. This participant may require resource referrals, and supportive services to allow them to overcome their immediate crisis.

The extension should be re-evaluated within 90 days.  Eligibility specialists must create a reminder on the Alert/Reminder List (ALREMIND/FM7M) screen to re-evaluate the extension reason.

For instruction on how to enter an extension reason, refer to the TA Work Requirement: Hardship Extension User Guide.