Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.005.00 Individuals Whose Income and Needs to Consider

IM-58 September 13, 2011; IM-52 April 26, 2002

The Eligibility Unit (EU) is comprised of certain identified persons living together in the same household.  Temporary Assistance (TA) payments are made based on those individuals’ needs.  The EU MAY INCLUDE A NEEDY RELATED OR NON-RELATED PERSON living in the same home with the children. Refer to Non-parent Caretaker Relative (NPCR) for more information.

When the head-of-household is married, do not consider TEMPORARY separation expected to last less than six months (such as hospitalization, vocational training, etc.), as interrupting the continuity of living together for budgeting purposes.  When the separation is ongoing (longer than six months or permanent) (such as desertion; abandonment; confinement in a penal, medical, or mental institution; or living in a professional, practical, or domiciliary nursing or boarding home), exclude the needs and income of the person separated from the family.

Consider any person or group of persons described in 0210.005.05 Individuals Included in the Temporary Assistance Eligibility Unit as an EU and consider their total needs and income in determining the grant amount.

NOTE:  Adoption severs all biological relationships for purposes of mandatory eligibility unit members.  If the child returns to the biological parent that terminated his/her rights and the biological parent wants to apply for benefits, the biological parent’s relationship must be determined based on current relationship (the biological parent may now be an aunt/uncle). If the adoption was to a non-relative, the biological parent is not considered a non-parent caretaker relative.  If the adoptive parent is in the home, the biological parent is not eligible for and can’t receive TA benefits for that child.