Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.20 Treatment of Specific Types of Income

IM-67 May 22, 2003; IM-155 November 21, 2002

This section addresses the following types of casual, irregular and unpredictable income:

  1. received less often than monthly
  2. tips
  3. intercepted unemployment compensation
  4. regular pay date not observed
  5. contractual (see 0210.015.20.05 Contractual Income)
  6. self-employment (see 0210.015.20.10 Income From Self-Employment)
  7. OASDI benefits received by representative payee (see 0210.015.20.15 OASDI Benefits Received by Representative Payee)
  8. child support (see 0210.015.20.20 Treatment of Child Support Income)

For INCOME RECEIVED LESS OFTEN THAN MONTHLY, annualize income regularly received on a recurring basis less frequently than monthly, such as quarterly payments or annual income, (dividends, etc.).

Consider TIPS received as wages.  Actual tips received may differ from tips reported by the employer for tax purposes.

When DCSE INTERCEPTS UC BENEFITS received by a participant, consider the full UC amount, before the interception is deducted, as the individual’s income.

When UC is garnished due to past overpayment use the amount left after garnishment.

If the participant has regular PAY DATES (i.e. Social Security, VA, State Employees, etc.) but occasionally is paid early or late, consider such income in the month normally received.

Other income types are discussed separately.