Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.35 Income Excluded

IM-67 May 22, 2003

Even though available, exclude the following income from the budget in determining need:

  1. any gain or benefit not in the form of money payable directly to the household (0210.015.35.05 Gain or Benefit Not in the Form of Money)
  2. earnings of children (0210.015.35.10 Earnings of Children)
  3. supplementary assistance (0210.015.35.20 Supplementary Assistance)
  4. volunteer income (0210.015.35.25 Volunteer Income)
  5. loans or grants (0210.015.35.30 Loans/Grants/Scholarships)
  6. Indian or Alaskan Native payments (0210.015.35.35 Indian or Alaskan Native Payments)
  7. governmental payments (0210.015.35.40 Governmental Payments)
  8. wage supplementation wages (0230.000.00 Wage Supplementation)
  9. interest income (0210.015.35.45 Interest Income)
  10. other income (0210.015.35.50 Other Income)

Refer to specific policy regarding when to exclude these items.