Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.010.00 Adding an Eligible Payee

IM-152 November 21, 2002; IM-76 May 11, 2000

When an unpaid payee requests to be added for cash, add the person if all eligibility requirements are met. When adding a payee, budget that person’s needs and income in the same manner as in case applications.

Record the request date but an application is not needed.  Obtain a reinvestigation form including the payee’s income and circumstances.  However, if the payee’s income and resources were already included in determining case eligibility (i.e. sanctioned parent), a new reinvestigation form is not needed.

An eligible payee receives cash payment for the month of approval or in the month in which the 30th day from application falls, whichever is sooner.  Issue retroactive payments, if eligibility exists, for the month in which the 30th day occurs and for any subsequent months for which the claimant would not receive payments under regular procedures.  Prorate any payment made in the month of application from the date of application.