Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.020.00 Stepparent Becomes Two Parent

IM-152 November 21, 2002; IM-76 May 11, 2000

A case established as a stepparent case becomes an unemployed parent case if the stepparent loses his employment and the parent and stepparent have an in-common child. In this event the case becomes a two-parent case based on need.

When such cases become eligible as two-parent cases, add the stepparent and in-common child for cash. Because these persons are mandatory inclusions in the assistance group, the payee must apply to add them to the case and cooperate in establishing their eligibility for assistance. Close the case if unable to establish eligibility. Obtain an application and the income and circumstances of the family, including the stepparent and in-common child(ren). Continue to budget the stepparent’s income although it is now budgeted for the entire group. Include the child’s (whose eligibility is based on two parent) needs and income. Continue to budget the other assistance group members as an active case.

EXAMPLE: The household consists of Mrs. S, her child, Mr. S, and Mr. and Mrs. S’s child. Mrs. S and her child receive cash assistance. The in-common child receives Medicaid for Children Not Deprived of Parental Support. Mr. S’s income is included in the cash case as stepparent income. On 5/10, Mr. S loses his job and the family’s eligibility under unemployed parent assistance is explored. Add Mr. S and the in-common child on 5/25.

Prepare the budget for May including the unemployed parent’s, in-common child’s, and other assistance group members’ needs and income for May. Budget the unemployed parent’s income as a parent rather than stepparent. If no need exists on this budget, the unemployed parent and in-common child are not eligible for cash for May. If a deficit exists but is lower than the grant the family already received in May, the unemployed parent and in-common child are eligible for cash and MC+ in May but do not receive any additional cash benefit. If a deficit higher than the grant the family received in May exists, the unemployed parent and in-common child are eligible in May and will receive a retroactive payment for the difference in the grants prorated from either the date of application or the date following the 30-day period of unemployment, whichever is later. Complete the budget for June including the entire assistance group’s needs and income for June.

NOTE: Only budget the terminated income in the month of application. Thereafter, project income.