Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.025.00 Two Parent Becomes Stepparent

IM-152 November 21, 2002; IM-76 May 11, 2000

A case established as a two-parent case becomes a stepparent case if a parent gains employment, which causes financial need to no longer exist, and the parents have in-common children as well as children of only one parent. In some cases, the in-common child remains eligible for MC+ only. Review and update MAF/MC+ (0905.025.00 Reviews and Interim Contacts (MAF)).

When such cases lose eligibility as an unemployed parent case, remove the stepparent and in-common child from cash effective the month following the month in which such ineligibility occurs. To determine cash eligibility, first determine eligibility including the stepparent’s projected income (budget as a stepparent rather than an unemployed parent). If eligible, continue to budget the stepparent’s income (as a stepparent rather than an unemployed parent) to determine the grant in the month following Temporary Assistance ineligibility.

EXAMPLE: The household consists of Mrs. R, her child, Mr. R, and Mr. and Mrs. R’s child. The family receives Temporary Assistance benefits. On 9/10, Mr. R gets a job causing ineligibility for Temporary Assistance benefits. Remove Mr. R from cash to affect the October check. Remove the in-common child from cash and evaluate for MAF/MC+. Evaluate Mrs. R and her child for cash eligibility as a stepparent case.

To determine Mrs. R and her child’s eligibility for cash, determine eligibility including the projected stepparent income. If eligible, prepare the budget to determine grant amount for October including Mrs. R and her child’s needs and income for October and Mr. R’s stepparent income for October.