Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.030.00 Remove Child/Caretaker or Stepparent Leaves Home

IM-152 November 21, 2002

When a household member becomes ineligible for any reason, and other children continue to be eligible, the family is not entitled to payment for these members after the month in which such ineligibility occurs.

When REMOVING ANY HOUSEHOLD MEMBER, remove the individual’s needs and income.

EXAMPLE:  A child becomes ineligible in July.  Determine grant amount for August without considering the needs or any income of the child and considering the needs and income of the assistance group for August.

If a parent is being sanctioned, and therefore his/her needs are excluded but income and resources are still included, remove the parent’s needs and continue to budget income.

EXAMPLE:  Mrs. X, a mandatory case management participant, is sanctioned for refusing to participate with case management without good cause.  Send advance notice and prepare to remove Mrs. X.  The first check affected is for June.  Therefore, determine June’s grant without including Mrs. X’s needs and including Mrs. X’s projected June income.