Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.045.00 SSI/SP Recipients Not Eligible for Temporary Assistance

IM-152 November 21, 2002

Eligible individual’s receiving SSI or SP may not receive Temporary Assistance.  If an eligible participant meets eligibility requirements for both programs, he/she may ELECT to receive either Temporary Assistance benefits or SSI or SP benefits.  Discontinue Temporary Assistance benefits to an SSI or SP recipient.  Do NOT discontinue the Temporary Assistance benefit until the first SSI or SP benefit is received.  In most cases, it is not advantageous for an SSI or SP eligible person to opt to receive Temporary Assistance rather than SSI or SP.  The family usually receives higher benefits if the individual retains SSI or SP.

A child meeting eligibility requirements for both the Temporary Assistance and SSI programs may elect to receive either Temporary Assistance cash or SSI benefits.  Do not discontinue the Temporary Assistance cash grant until the first SSI check is received.  If the SSI child is the only otherwise eligible cash Temporary Assistance child, the eligible payee and/or second parent may be eligible for cash.

If a person is removed from a Temporary Assistance grant because of SSI or SP receipt, they may elect to stop the SSI or SP benefit and resume Temporary Assistance at any time.  They must continue to be eligible for Temporary Assistance.  In such cases, the claimant must furnish verification that the SSI payment has been discontinued.

If a Temporary Assistance eligible payee or second parent elects to receive SSI or SP benefits, exclude their expenses and income in the Temporary Assistance assistance group and exclude his/her resources in determining Temporary Assistance eligibility for other household members.

Refer to Sections 0205.005.05 Property Counted as a Resource and 0210.005.05 Individuals Included in the Temporary Assistance Eligibility Unit for treating resources and income when a parent or child in a Temporary Assistance household receives SSI or SP.