Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.065.00 Reinstating Cash Benefits From Extended MAF for Support Closings

IM-27 February 6, 2001

A Temporary Assistance participant who receives child support in excess of the grant becomes ineligible based on need.  In situations where the family does not meet eligibility for MAF, they will be placed on Extended MAF for Support Related Closings.

During the four months on Extended MAF for Support Related Closings, staff will receive printouts showing support received by the payee.

If in any of the four months it becomes known to the agency that the child support income has stopped, it will not be necessary to complete an Application for Benefits (IM-1) or an Eligibility Reinvestigation (Modified IM-2).  The participant will not be required to apply in person, by phone, or by mail.  Staff will automatically take this action only on Extended MAF for Support Related Closings and only in the four month period that the participant remains on extended MAF.