Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0242.010.00 TA Diversion Eligibility

IM-26 March 24, 2017, IM-01 January 1, 2016

To qualify for a TA Diversion payment, a participant must be determined eligible for TA cash benefits. A TA Diversion payment is defined as a single lump sum payment equal to the maximum benefit based on the household size for a two or three month period.

A participant must state the amount of money that will satisfy their immediate need and what need the money is intended to cover. Verification of need is required to process the request i.e. letter from landlord of past due rent, letter from mechanic on vehicle repair amount, etc. Failure to provide verification of need will cause the TA Diversion application to reject.

Example:¬†Lynn Allen applies for TA for herself and her two children. During the phone interview, the eligibility specialist explains the TA Diversion program. Lynn determines that she only needs assistance to get her car fixed so she can return to work. The estimate by the mechanic is $575. Lynn can accomplish this with two months’ worth of TA benefits. The TA Diversion payment for her family household size is: $584 ($292 for a 3 person household x 2 months)

A participant is not eligible for TA Diversion if an adult in the participant’s household has reached his or her TA cash benefit lifetime limit.