Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0250.000.10 Family Support Division (FSD) and Missouri Work Assistance Program Contracts

IM-52 August 9, 2018; IM-37 June 17, 2011; IM-64 September 30, 2010

The Family Support Division (FSD) has contracted with multiple service providers to provide work requirement services for Temporary Assistance (TA) participants in the eleven Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) regions. Refer to Appendix O – List of MWA Regions for region location. MWA policy adheres to federal and state laws, rules, and regulations for TA.

MWA staff and/or their subcontractors facilitate work activities and participation for each TA participant in the MWA program. While MWA staff work with an individual it is assumed the individual is successfully participating in work requirements unless FSD is notified otherwise through the Interface system in FAMIS.

The majority of the communication between the two agencies is accomplished through overnight batch files. Information entered into FAMIS updates the MWA System nightly. Information entered into the MWA System generates reminders on Select Interface (INTRFACE/FMK0) screen to the FSD eligibility specialist regarding an individual’s change in circumstance. Reminders are generated based on codes received in the overnight batch file. To serve families effectively, staff in both agencies must establish the best method of communicating locally, either by phone, email, in person, and/or fax for issues that are not shared by the systems.

FSD eligibility specialists are to take action on reminders the day the reminders are received from MWA.