Temporary Assistance/Case Management

0262.010.15 Returned Mail And Recipient Resides At That Address

If mail is returned and the Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient does continue to live at that address, continue with necessary steps (i.e. conciliation, sending a 2nd call-in letter, sanction, etc.).  Do not send the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert.

Mail must be returned for the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert to be sent to FSD.  If mail is not returned, continue with the “normal” letter process including Conciliation/Sanction.

Keep in mind that the Family Support Division (FSD) is not required to make any additional contacts once the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert is received.  Sending the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert could close the recipient’s TA case.

NOTE: The TA recipient may request a hearing within 90 days of the case closure.  Refer to Section 0293.000.00 Hearings for more information.