Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.010.20 Returned Mail and Participant Resides Out of State

IM-73 July 6, 2021

If mail is returned and the Temporary Assistance (TA) participant now resides in another state:

  • Send the returned mail to the electronic file room
  • Enter case notes regarding the reason for the returned mail
  • FSD staff will take action to close the TA case, the MWA system will show pending close

For MWA Contracted Staff

If MWA Contracted staff receive notification of returned mail prior to FSD:

  • Send the ‘Moved Out of State’ alert to FSD
  • Send an electronic copy to DISTI@dss.mo.gov
  • Enter case notes
  • The MWA contractor needs to take no further action because once the TA case closes in the eligibility system, the case will close in the MWA system