Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0270.025.10 Teen Parent With a Child Under 12 Weeks Exemption

IM-84 July 3, 2017

When a teen parent is the custodial caretaker of a child under 12 weeks of age, they may choose to be exempt from work participation activities if they have a high school diploma or HiSET certificate.

The teen parent may not choose the exemption if:

  • They do not have a high school diploma or HiSET certificate; or
  • They are not participating in an educational component.

The teen parent may be waived/excluded as temporarily disabled during the 12 post-partum weeks. MWA contracted staff must obtain a statement from a medical professional supporting the need for the waiver. The statement must indicate the length of time the parent is allowed to not participate in employment or training activities. The months of participation continue to count. The teen parent only can be waived/excluded for the 12 post-partum weeks.

Missouri law indicates that children under the age of 17 must attend school, or be considered a truant.