Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0270.035.00 Holidays

IM-37 June 17, 2011

A Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient is considered participating in an activity on a holiday only when the employer/school is observing that holiday and the TA recipient would normally have been engaged in that activity on that date. The TA recipient is credited with the actual number of hours usually engaged in that activity, not to exceed 8 hours in a day.

Record holidays for unpaid work activities in the MWA System. Refer to the MWA System User Guide for information on entering holidays for unpaid work activities.

Holidays for paid work activities are included in the TA recipient’s pay, and should not be recorded separately in the MWA System. They are recorded as part of the actual hours the TA recipient was engaged in the paid work activity. Refer to the MWA System User Guide for information on entering actual hours.

These holidays are excused from work participation:

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • Third Monday in January – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
  • Third Monday in February – Washington’s Birthday
  • Last Monday in May – Memorial Day
  • July 4 – Independence Day
  • First Monday in September – Labor Day
  • Second Monday in October – Columbus Day
  • November 11 – Veterans Day
  • Fourth Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25 – Christmas Day