Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0280.005.00 Transportation Reimbursement Expense

IM-02 January 3, 2018

Transportation Reimbursement Expense (TRE) payments are issued to Temporary Assistance (TA) participants to help with travel costs as they travel to core and non-core work activities. TRE payments are allowable only when a transportation cost is incurred and a need is demonstrated. TRE payments may not exceed $15 per day. TRE payments are not an entitlement, but rather assistance so TA participants can participate in core and non-core work activities. TRE payments are issued only when a TA participant is participating in the work activity. If another organization pays transportation costs to a participant, TRE funds are used only to supplement that reimbursement up to the maximum $15 per day. (i.e.: another agency pays $2.50 per day transportation. The TA participant is eligible to receive $12.50 per day from TRE if all other criteria are met.)