Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0285.010.00 Volunteers

Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients who meet certain exemptions may choose to volunteer in the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program.  These volunteers may meet one of the exemption reasons listed in 0285.005.05 Exemptions.

Volunteers are sent a ‘Voluntary Call-in Letter #1’ if necessary.  Volunteers should not be placed into Conciliation until they are not participating at all; then send the free-form ‘Voluntary Pre/Post Conciliation’ letter.  Refer to MWA Forms Manual.

Volunteers cannot be sanctioned.  If the volunteer chooses not to participate, the ‘Volunteer Not Participating’ alert should be sent to the Family Support Division (FSD).  FSD enters the appropriate exemption code in FAMIS which closes the case in MWA system.