This is to clarify the procedures for handling Temporary Assistance, MAF/MC+, and Food Stamp applications registered as a result of the MoRAP referral referenced in Memorandum IM-#81 dated July 2, 2003 by:
  • addressing procedures for registering the application in FAMIS if joint food stamp/Child Care MoRAP referral is received, and
  • outlining procedures to complete applications received through the MoRAP referral process.
Effective July 1, 2003, the Division of Workforce Development (DWD) will be using a new system called Missouri Toolbox.  Toolbox guides the DWD participant through DWD's programs, but also gives the participant the chance to indicate whether s/he is interested in applying for one of the following programs:
  • Temporary Assistance,
  • MC+ for Children,
  • MC+ for Pregnant Women,
  • Medical Assistance for Families,
  • Child Care, and
  • Food stamp benefits.
If the participant indicates s/he wishes to apply for one of the above programs, an Application for Benefits form (also called MoRAP) is completed.  This form is similar to the IM-1 form currently used.  The participant prints the form, signs and dates it, and gives it to DWD staff.  DWD staff will take the following action:
  • If co-located with the DFS, DWD staff will send the participant with the form to DFS to complete the application/interview process, or
  • If not co-located with DFS or the participant cannot stay to complete the application or interview process, DWD staff will fax the form to the DFS office to preserve the application date.
FAMIS Application Procedures

If staff receive an "Application for Benefits" (also known as MoRAP) form from DWD and the applicant wishes to apply for both Child Care and Food Stamp Programs, take the following actions:

  • After completing the Supercase Member Clearance (FMOE) screen for the head of the EU, press F19=REQUEST to go to the Application Request (FMOG) screen.
  • Enter the request for the food stamp application first.  Press F14=APPDETL and enter the information on the Application Detail (FM13) screen.  Press F21=RETURN.
  • Press F9=FLOWFWD to go to the Caseload Setup (FM11) screen.  Assign the case to a caseload following current procedures.
  • After the case is assigned to the appropriate caseload, type REQUEST or FMOG on the command line and press enter.  The Application Request (FMOG) screen appears.
  • Register the application for Child Care.  Do not press F14=APPDETL as there is not enough information to establish the Child Care EU.
The next morning, the alert "FILED APPLICATION REQUIRES ACTION" appears for the Child Care EU on the Alert/Reminder List (FM7M) screen.  Contact the EU following current Child Care procedures to establish the Child Care EU and complete the application.  Follow this procedure until the MoRAP is revised to include names and birth dates of individuals for which assistance is being requested.

Food Stamp Applications

Follow current Food Stamp Policy and Procedures for accepting applications in person or by fax.  If the individual is in the office to apply, accept the Application for Benefits and complete the application/interview process.  If the application is faxed, the date the application with name, address, and signature is received is the date of application.  Follow policy for receiving an incomplete faxed or mailed application.  Register the application and mail an FS-1 with the IM-31B and IM-31C to the applicant to be completed.  An interview must be completed.  Contact the participant by phone to complete the interview or send the participant an IM-31 Appointment Letter/Request for Contact form with a scheduled appointment date/time.

Temporary Assistance/MAF/MC+ Applications

DWD will fax the MoRAP to DFS who will register appropriate applications based on this information.  DWD will mail the original to DFS the same day.  The MoRAP should be treated the same as an IM-1 (Application for Benefits).

After registering the Temporary Assistance and MAF/MC+ applications, send the applicant an IM-2 (Applicant's Eligibility Statement) along with the IM-31a requesting necessary information.  A face-to-face interview is required for Temporary Assistance.  Schedule an appointment or request the applicant contact their local DFS office within a specified number of days to schedule an appointment.  The Temporary Assistance applicant can be denied for failure to comply with the face-to-face interview.  However, since the face-to-face is not required for MAF/MC+, the MC+ application cannot be rejected for same reason.

If the applicant fails to return the IM-2 within an appropriate period of time, it would be permissible to reject the MC+ application.

If the applicant does return the IM-2, use it to evaluate eligibility under all MC+ programs.

  • Review this memorandum with all appropriate staff.
  • Accept faxed or printed Application for Benefits forms referred by DWD that contain the participant's name, address, and signature.

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