2004 Memorandums
IM-123     11/09/04



The Temporary Assistance Program is scheduled to be piloted in FAMIS in Butler County beginning November 15, 2004. The pilot expands to Dunklin, Howell, and Texas Counties in January 2005.

The purpose of a pilot is to ensure that a new systems model is ready to be implemented and ensure all processes are running smoothly and without error. In order to have a successful pilot, the system must have a stable environment. To ensure the success of the pilot, it is imperative that no Temporary Assistance cases be converted to FAMIS during the pilot, and no Temporary Assistance applications be registered in FAMIS, until further notice. The only exceptions are:

  • the case is in Butler County;
  • the EU moves to Butler County; or
  • an EU in another county is adding a person who was already converted in Temporary Assistance to FAMIS in Butler County.

State Office staff will be monitoring the Manual Conversion List (MCL) daily to ensure Temporary Assistance cases that should not be converted are not converted to FAMIS. If a case is placed on the MCL, and it is not a Butler County case, State Office staff will remove the “Y” to convert the case. Temporary Assistance applications taken in FAMIS will also be monitored by State Office staff. State Office staff will contact county and regional administration to determine if there is a reason the case should have been converted or the application was taken.

As soon as it is determined the pilot is successfully complete, staff will be notified that Temporary Assistance cases can be converted and new applications can be registered in FAMIS.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Do not register Temporary Assistance applications or convert Temporary Assistance cases in FAMIS unless it is a Butler County application/case, until further notice.