2004 Memorandums
IM-129      12/02/04
Effective December, 2004, the Veteranís Administration (VA) increased benefits by 2.7% to persons who receive widow, children, and veteran pension benefits and to persons who receive service connected compensation. The increase begins with the January 2005 checks.

The amount of increased benefits is determined individually and is based upon the veteranís current income and resources. The VA expects to send award letters reflecting these adjustments to claimants.

Currently, FSD is unable to automatically adjust Income Maintenance cases with VA income because our system does not capture the specific amount of VA benefits.

In January, county offices will receive a listing, “Individuals Identified by Field 13U as VA Benefit Recipients” for IM cases, includes each case active in the system as of December 31, 2004, with a code B in Field 13U of the IM-5/IMU5 system. It is sorted by county and load. Cases approved after this date do not appear on the listing.

Use the listing to identify VA benefit cases and obtain the necessary verification of the increase. Complete the adjustments as soon as possible for all Income Maintenance cases with VA income. Additionally, make necessary adjustments as affected cases not on the listings are identified.

Adjustments made due to increases in VA benefits are not considered mass adjustments. Therefore, use the Notice of Adverse Action (IM-80) when reducing or closing cases.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Identify and adjust all IM cases with an individual (s) receiving VA benefits.
  • Upon receipt, use listing “Individuals Identified by Field 13U as VA Benefit Recipients” to make necessary adjustments.
  • Enter the appropriate Income Type code in Field 13U of IM-5/IMU5 when transmitting information regarding IM cases with VA benefits.