2004 Memorandums
IM-137      12/27/04
The purpose of this memorandum is to remind staff that the FA-325 Request for Information is generated by staff and printed locally. These forms must be generated any time verification is needed from the eligibility unit (EU) and can be given or mailed to the EU.

During the controlled flow, when one or more eligibility determinations are in PEND status on the Supercase Eligibility Unit Summary, flowing forward takes the user to the Outstanding Verification screen (OUTVERF). Take the following action to ensure the FA-325 is printed and given to the EU:

  • select the outstanding verification and press F23;
  • press F9=FLOWFWD when in the controlled flow or press F17=DOCQUE when in maintenance;
  • the FA325 appears with RDPRT (ready to print);
  • tab to the FA325 and type p on the Com line; and
  • press F23=Print.

After the FA-325 is printed, the Status field is changed to PRNTD (printed). When an additional FA-325 is needed, re-generate the form by taking the following action:

  • when in the controlled flow, tab to the FA-325 and type p on the Com line;
    • press F23=Print;
    • press F9=FLOWFWD;
  • when in maintenance, type OUTVERF;
    • tab to the FA325, and type p on the Com line;
    • and press F23=Print.

The FA-325 may be edited and text added by following the steps in Editing and Adding Text to the FA325 in the FAMIS User Guides.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.