2004 Memorandums
IM-13      02/26/04
The following three new alerts have been added to the DWD alerts listed in memorandum IM-82 dated July 2, 2003:
  • Alert #37 – Teen Parent in Educational Activity
  • Alert #38 – Individual Referred to DWD in Error
  • Alert #39 – Volunteer Not Participating
Alert #37 – Teen Parent in Educational Activity

A teen parent is defined as a payee or second parent under the age of 18 (including the month one turns 18) with a child who is receiving Temporary Assistance.  The month following his/her birth date they are no longer a teen parent.  An individual over the age of 18 attending high school does not meet the teen parent definition.

Teen parents without a high school diploma or the equivalent are required to participate in education as their work activity.  If a teen parent is participating in an education component full-time they will be case managed by FSD staff.  The correct work requirement code in the IMU5 system is “T”.  If a teen parent is NOT participating in an educational component, refer him/her to DWD by entering a “F” in the work requirement field in the IMU5 system.

When DWD engages a teen parent in an educational component full-time the alert “Teen Parent in Educational Activity” will be received by FSD over the S020 system referring the individual back to FSD.  Case management then becomes the responsibility of FSD.  The following steps should be taken:

  • Contact the teen parent to complete a Self-Sufficiency PACT
  • Update the work requirement code back to “T”,
  • Open appropriate educational component on JCAT, and
  • Review ITME and update months correctly for teen parent in educational component.
Alert #38 – Individual Referred to DWD in Error

Occasionally an individual will be referred to DWD in error.  This can be due to an oversight or data entry mistake.  When this occurs, the individual will be referred back to FSD by Alert #38 “Individual Referred to DWD in Error”.  The alert contains a comment section explaining the reason the individual is being returned to FSD.  DWD central office staff will generate this alert after being requested and documented by the local DWD/sub-contractor supervisor.  FSD staff will take immediate action to code individual correctly.

Example:  While IAPPing, a child was erroneously coded with a work requirement code of D.  This was due to a data entry mistake.

Example of when this alert will NOT be used is when an individual did not reveal all pertinent information to the FSD worker and the DWD determines during an interview the individual is temporarily disabled.  In this case DWD will keep the individual and put him/her into their temporary waiver category.

Alert #39 – Volunteer Not Participating

When a volunteer has been referred to DWD and is not cooperating with work activities, they will be referred back to FSD for correct coding and will not be sanctioned.

The alert instructs FSD staff to contact the individual to explain possibility of exemptions and the 60-month life time limit receipt of Temporary Assistance.  After assessment, update the work requirement code in the IMU5 system.

  • Review memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Effective immediately use attached notices pdf file to take immediate case action on Temporary Assistance cases.
  • File attached notices in the Forms Manual and update the Table of Contents.