2004 Memorandums
IM-32      04/01/04
In the interest of continuing to provide the best possible service to Temporary Assistance applicants/recipients, the Family Support Division (FSD) in cooperation with the DWD is implementing a real-time data exchange mechanism, known as the MQ Data Exchange.  This will allow DWD immediate access to current referral information from FSD.  

For the MQ Data Exchange to work effectively, FSD staff must enter the Temporary Assistance application in IAPP before the applicant leaves the FSD office.   If the individual then goes to the DWD office on the day of application, DWD staff can use the MQ series to obtain needed information to activate a referral in Toolbox and begin the enrollment process.  This will eliminate the possibility of the individual being sent home to return later after the referral is made through the overnight batch.

With the implementation of the MQ data exchange, DWD staff and their subcontractors have immediate real-time access to certain FSD applicant/recipient information and can activate a referral the same day the individual becomes an applicant or recipient.  This will assist customer service for individuals who want to cooperate with up front job services on the same day as a Temporary Assistance application is taken.  DWD can obtain the following information from this inquiry by entering a Social Security Number and Date of Birth in their Toolbox system:

  • Individualís Name
  • Individualís Address
  • Individualís DCN
  • Case DCN
  • Education Level
  • Domestic Violence Indicator
  • Parent Status (1 or 2 parent household)
  • Application Date
  • Work Requirement Code
  • Case Status (Applicant, Active, Rejected, Closed)
  • Share this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Enter Temporary Assistance applications in IAPP before the individual leaves the FSD office.