2004 Memorandums
IM-62      06/17/04
As described in Memorandum IM-60 6/10/04 , the Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) and Blind Pension (BP) grants increase effective July 1, 2004. A FAMIS mass adjustment is being done on June 19, 2004, for all active EUs with SAB/BP income (income sources BN, B1, and F1).

During the mass adjustment the SAB/BP income is updated in FAMIS. An adjustment of July 2004 food stamp and/or child care benefits is completed based upon the new SAB/BP grant amount.

FAMIS will adjust the SAB/BP amount for July 2004 during the mass adjustment. For cases approved after June 19, 2004, budget the new grant amount for July 2004.

EUs in the Controlled Flow

If an EU with existing SAB/BP income is in the controlled flow, the SAB/BP grant amount is updated during the mass adjustment. The EU remains in the controlled flow, and no action is taken by FAMIS during the mass adjustment.

When completing the controlled flow in FAMIS, review the SAB/BP income and enter the correct amount if it was not adjusted by the mass adjustment. These cases will appear on the error report .

Conflict of Actions

FAMIS adjusts the income on EUs with a pending adverse action at the time of the mass adjustment. This results in a conflict of actions because one adverse action must be completed or voided before the other can be taken. The worker receives the alert “OUTSTANDING ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION”.   The conflict must be resolved by the worker.

Access the Action Resolution screen (FM50 or ACTRES) and void the pending adverse action. Refer to the user guide “Changing an Adverse Action Status” for instructions. After voiding the adverse action, access the Eligibility Determination Resolution screen (FM3Y or EDRES) and run a new eligibility determination. If the action is a benefit reduction, authorize the new adverse action. If the action is a closing (AACL), on the Action Authorization screen (FM3H), type a “U” on the command line, change the action code to “WICL”, enter the reason code “CAV”, and enter the override reason code “SUP”.

Other Actions

Eligibility determinations completed on or before June 18, 2004, should have the current SAB/BP grant amount entered by the worker. The system updates the SAB/BP grant amount during the mass adjustment.

The change in the SAB/BP grant is a change that must be acted upon for simplified reporting EUs. All disregarded actions during the certification period will be taken if the grant is adjusted during the mass adjustment.

The SAB/BP adjustment is considered a change that must be acted on and all cases are required to be adjusted to accurately reflect all information known at the time of the adjustment.  Therefore, simplified reporting EUs with previously disregarded actions (action status DIS) are adjusted using ALL information in the system. If the food stamp benefits for a simplified reporting EU decrease as a result of the cumulative changes, the adjustment is made to decrease the benefits. If there was a previously disregarded Adverse Action to Remove a Person (AARP), the adverse action will be re-generated as a result of the mass adjustment. Do not disregard the action.


EUs whose food stamp and/or child care benefits are adjusted during the mass adjustment, or are closed, receive an FA-150 CLAIMANT ACTION NOTICE giving them advance notice of the July 2004 change in benefits. EUs whose benefits are adjusted, but the food stamp and/or child care benefits do not change receive a notice of no change in benefits.

Error Report

If the existing FAMIS SAB/BP grant amount does not match the IM grant amount prior to the mass adjustment, the FAMIS case will not be adjusted.

FAMIS will generate reports in the Managed Reporting system listing active EUs that are not adjusted.  To review the reports:

  • From the FSD Employee Intranet, under Tools in the right hand lower section of the page click on Managed Reporting.
  • Click on “OK” when the notice appears and log into the managed reporting area.
  • Click on the appropriate domain.  For example, caseworkers will click on Caseworker Reports and supervisors would click on Caseworker/Supervisor Reports.
  • Click on CC & FS Cost of Living Adjustments Needing Review.
  • Click on the View box next to Cost of Living Adjustments Needing Review.
  • Select SAB/BP/GAFP Unable to Adjust to request the on-line report for SAB/BP cases.
Each worker must access the report for his/her primary caseload.  The error reason is included for each EU member on the report.
  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Review the error report and take appropriate action.