2004 Memorandums
IM-87      09/10/04
When sanctioning an individual for failure to cooperate with both Child Support and work participation requirements the code in the IMU5 system should be F (failure to comply with work participation requirement). This allows the system to correctly track the work participation rates.

Memorandum IM-126 - Sanctioning Procedures for Non-Compliance with Work Activity dated October 13, 1998 states:

An individual who is sanctioned for non-cooperation with the Child Support Enforcement is still subject to participate in a work activity. If the individual chooses not to participate in a work activity, no additional reduction in grant occurs. However, they are considered sanctioned for non-cooperation with both Child Support Enforcement and work activities.

When a case is only sanctioned for Child Support a C is entered in field 13G2 in IMU5. If the same individual then fails to comply with work participation requirements, the code should be changed to F.

Send a Notice of Case Action (IM-33) to the individual informing them they have been sanctioned due to failure to comply with a work activity and the grant remains sanctioned at the current Temporary Assistance amount. The reason for both sanctions should be recorded in the case file.

THE TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE GRANT CAN ONLY BE SANCTIONED BY 25% EVEN IF THE INDIVIDUAL IS NOT COOPERATING WITH BOTH CHILD SUPPORT AND WORK REQUIREMENT ACTIVITIES. In order to have the sanction lifted the individual must cooperate with both work requirements and Child Support.

EXAMPLE: Jane Smith fails to cooperate with Child Support Enforcement without good cause. The IM worker received an IM-16 from Child Support requesting the Temporary Assistance be sanctioned. A budget was completed sanctioning the Temporary Assistance grant by 25%, an Adverse Action (IM-80) was sent, and an IM-33 was sent to Ms. Smith. Sanction code C was entered in field 13G2 in IMU5 for failing to cooperate with Child Support. Ms. Smith was determined employment and training ready and referred to Division of Workforce Development (DWD) at time of approval. Ms. Smith fails to respond to any of the call-in letters from DWD to participate in a work activity. After DWD completes their conciliation process it is determined Ms. Smith is not cooperating with work participation requirements. Alert #20, Noncompliance of Work Activities, is received by the IM worker. After reviewing the case record, it is determined that Ms. Smiths Temporary Assistance was already reduced by 25%. Change field 13G2 from sanction code C to F Failing to comply with work participation requirement. Send Ms. Smith an IM-33 informing her that she failed to comply with work requirement activities and her Temporary Assistance grant remains sanctioned.

Review all cases with a sanction code of C on your Temporary Assistance Caseload Listing; determine if the individual was also recommended for sanction for non-cooperation with work participation requirements by DWD. If the individual is dually sanctioned, change the sanction code in field 13G2 to F. If a notice was not sent to the individual in the past for failure to comply with the work participation requirements send an IM-33 as instructed in this memorandum.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Review all cases with a sanction code of C, from your Temporary Assistance Caseload Listing, for dual sanction with non-cooperation with Child Support and work requirement participation. Update field 13G2 code to F.