2005 Memorandums
IM-139      11/30/05




The purpose of this memorandum is to announce that FSD/IM has gained authorization for certain qualified workforce members to have inquiry access to the Missouri Department of Revenue's (DOR), Division of Motor Vehicle's (DMV) General Registration (GRS) and Marine systems.


It will not be necessary for local security officers to request access to this security group. The DOR/DMV group has been added to the security profiles approved for all active Caseworkers, Supervisor Is, Supervisor IIIs, and County Managers. Anyone changing to one of these classifications in the future will automatically have their security profile updated accordingly through the ASAP process.


Staff will have limited “inquiry” access to GRS & Marine records through the DOR's electronic data system(s). Record searches may be conducted in either the GRS or Marine systems. The searches may be conducted in a variety of ways (e.g. license #, vehicle identification number (VIN), name (last, first), title #, etc.).

FSD/IM has been given authorization to conduct record searches by DOR in an effort to reduce instances of fraud and/or abuse by recipients applying for or receiving public assistance benefits. Using the DMV system for any other purpose other than the proper screening of cases is expressly forbidden and could result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension, dismissal, and civil or criminal court action. FSD staff are bound by DSS confidentiality policy 2-119 and communications systems policy 3-404. All staff are encouraged to review these polices prior to accessing DOR records.

Searches conducted in the proper system will yield the results of all vehicles and marine (water) craft registered to an individual. Staff will find if the DOR/DMV system is used correctly, it will provide them with another useful tool that can assist staff in determining eligibility, particularly in those situations when the claimant's declarations are questionable.

The procedure guide Accessing the GRS/Marine Systems pdf logo is developed to assist staff in logging on to and maneuvering in the GRS and Marine systems.


Since access to DOR records is tied to the userid and password, all logon issues will need to be directed to the ITSD help desk at 1-800-392-8725 or 573-751-3811 for resolution.

As with any system there will be times that users will not be able to access the CICS/MVS system because of maintenance, network issues, or for some other unknown reason. In these situations staff will have to be patient and wait for the issue or problem to be resolved. Central Office, whenever possible, will alert staff to issues of extended maintenance or downtime to the DOR/MVS system(s).

For additional assistance staff may contact Danny Moritz at 573-522-2314 or by e-mail at



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