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Effective January 1, 2006 the Case Review System (CRS) developed by the Rushmore Group is available to assist supervisors and management in completing mandatory case reviews and obtaining management reports as part of the continuing effort to increase Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance, and Medicaid Program accuracy rates.

This memorandum discusses:

Case reading is the tool used primarily for caseworker job performance, but it is more importantly a tool for evaluating problem areas and training staff. The Case Review System is developed to make case readings a more effective management tool that will provide consistent, accurate data to identify problem areas and to evaluate effectiveness of corrective actions for the Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance, and Medicaid programs.

Supervisors must complete 4 case reviews per worker for all non-probationary workers, which consists of a combination of Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance, and Medicaid by using the Case Review System.

Management is responsible for ensuring that the supervisory unit is completing mandatory case reviews by reviewing the Supervisor Compliance Report available on the Case Review System.

Accessing the Case Review System

To access the Case Review System, complete the following steps:

NOTE: If a person has multiple counties and cannot determine your UserID, contact Mary Tucker at or fax 573-526-5592 to request the correct UserID.

Access to the Case Review System is based upon the person's UserID login, base location of the person, security access, and the caseload or supervisory unit assignment.

EXAMPLE: A front line supervisor in one FSD office will be able to view reports regarding caseworkers s/he directly supervises. S/he will not be able to view reports for caseworkers in another FSD office or in the same FSD office that s/he does not directly supervise

Entering A Case Review And Using The Case Review Guide

The Case Review Menu is the starting point to all the functions, with the Case Review System. Select the program(s) for review and click the “Enter Case Reviews” button. Click Add. Enter data at the top of the screen, then review the case, and enter data in the lower section.

The Rushmore Group has developed a Case Review User Guide pdf logo, which gives an overview of the steps of entering data into the Case Review System. This guide assists the user in the following actions:

To access the Case Review User Guide, complete the following steps:

On-Line Review Guide

During a case review, the reviewer can access the online review guide to assist with each eligibility element. This guide assists in ensuring accurate and consistent information within the case review. The review guide includes:

To access this guide:


The access to information on the reports within the Case Review System is based on the UserID login and the security assigned to the user.

EXAMPLE: Reports for Supervisors and Managers contain only case review information about their assigned staff. County Managers have the ability to view reports for their staff as well as filtering information by office. Department wide reports are available to Regional Liaisons and Central Office.

To access the reports, take the following steps.

The Rushmore Group has developed a Case Review System Report Desk Guide pdf logo, which identifies information contained in each report to assist the user in determining which report they want to review. In addition, Rushmore has developed the User Guide Management Reports pdf logo, which assists the user in selecting a specific report to be reviewed and printed.

To access the Case Review System Report Desk Guide and User Guide Management Reports, complete the following steps:

Reports are available for several different review classifications as follows:

Employee Performance Planning And Appraisal (EPPA)

The Case Review System is developed to be used in conjunction with the Employee Performance Planning and Appraisal (EPPA) for staff. The job components of Accuracy, Timeliness, and Quality are determined by using the following report.

During the review, if one eligibility element is cited as incorrect, the overall program status shows incorrect on the reports. The overall program status of incorrect does not mean a dollar error occurred on the case. A case can have an incorrect element, which affects the case quality, but the incorrect element does not cause a dollar error (payment accuracy) to occur.

EXAMPLE: A supervisor reviewed a case where no comments were entered regarding earned income verification. The causal factor of “Comments missing or incomplete” was selected and review showed no payment error occurred. The eligibility element earned income and program status would be shown as incorrect. Since no payment error occurred on the review, it would be considered under case quality for the EPPA.

Maintaining The Case Review System

County Managers have security access to update employees within the Case Review System. If the position is currently shown as vacant, staff must know the Position ID number to add a new employee. The Rushmore Group has developed the Case Review System User Guide Employee Maintenance pdf logo to assist staff in performing the functions of adding an employee, editing an existing employee, ending employment, and transferring an employee from position to position.

To access the Case Review System User Guide Employee Maintenance, complete the following steps:

If the position does not currently exist in the Case Review System, the position must be added by Central Office. Send a fax to 573-526-5592 with the following information:



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