2005 Memorandums
IM-2      01/05/2005




The FAMIS Temporary Assistance pilot is currently underway. The pilot is being conducted in two phases and will last approximately three months. The first phase includes Butler County and it is scheduled to last approximately six weeks. At the end of the first phase, the second phase of the pilot will begin by adding Texas, Dunklin and Howell Counties.

During the pilot, we will be making necessary changes to FAMIS to prepare for statewide implementation. Until all necessary changes have been made to the system, manual conversion of Temporary Assistance cases into FAMIS will not be allowed. Statewide implementation will begin immediately upon completion of the pilot. Once statewide implementation begins, it will take approximately four months to complete. Attached is a map pdf file that shows the planned rollout of the Temporary Assistance Program into FAMIS. The legend depicts the order of the rollout, to include the pilot counties.

Training is being provided to all staff who work with the Temporary Assistance Program. The training is a two day distance learning course that will be completed in the county office. The course does not include policy training. Staff who are scheduled for training should have a good understanding of both FAMIS and Temporary Assistance eligibility. Dennis McCallister from FSD Training and Development is coordinating the training schedule and will contact each area regarding the scheduling of staff. The training schedule pdf file for statewide implementation is attached to this memorandum.


TA Implementation Map
Statewide Training Schedule

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