2005 Memorandums
IM-72      07/01/05




The Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Administrative Terminal is now available on the Internet. Staff will access the same Administrative Terminal functions at, including viewing EBT case and card information, statusing and reissuing cards. New features include online access to EBT Training, including webAdmin Tutorials and the EBT User Manual, through this Internet address. Casework staff now have access to view transaction history.

A new icon is being added to the computer desktop. Each individual is being notified by Email as access is allowed and a user guide for first-time users is provided with the Email notification. The present Administrative Terminal will be available for a short period of time to allow for a transition period. Both icons will appear during this time. After first time sign on, refer to user guide ACCESSING THE EBT ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINAL ONLINE pdf logo.

The move to the Internet began with a small group of field staff who now have experience with ebtEDGE and can assist new users through the transition. There are a few experienced staff in each region. Follow supervisory channels to find out who to contact in your region.

On July 1, 2005, EBT cardholders will have access to their accounts on The EBT cardholder will be able to check account balances and history of transactions, and will have frequently asked questions available on line. At application, recertification, and upon request, discuss access to ebtEDGE and provide the cardholder with the userguide CARDHOLDER ACCESS TO THE EBT ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINAL pdf logo.

The IM-4 EBT is being revised with the ebtEDGE information and will be available for distribution soon.



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