2005 Memorandums
IM-9      01/31/05




Reviews of Income Maintenance (IM) cases are to be done annually. A review can be completed without the reinvestigation form, if all the information is obtained. A review may be done based on information from a current food stamp application.

Effective February 1, 2005, the IMU5 system will update Field 47 (Reinv.) of IM cases in the Legacy system when a Food Stamp approval or recertification is entered and all individuals on the IM case are in the FS Eligibility Unit. This will include Temporary Assistance cases not yet converted to FAMIS. Those IM programs in the LEGACY System which are time limited and do not require reinvestigations will be excluded from this process.

This automated process does not relieve staff of the responsibility of evaluating continued eligibility based on the information in the food stamp case. When changes in income or household composition are reported during the food stamp application, a new budget, income documentation and eligibility determination are to be recorded in the appropriate IM Section of the case record. Any other changes reported should be explored to determine if a change in eligibility has occurred. Continue to explore eligibility factors, not addressed in the food stamp application, at least annually. Set a priority to indicate the need to evaluate any eligibility factor not addressed by the food stamp application. If a change in eligibility occurs, send the appropriate client notices.

Automated reinvestigations are identified by the S indicator with the date in the REINV field. Report FIM31482 (SYSTEMS GENERATED REINVESTIGATION FOR MONTH OF ____) will be produced monthly for first and second-line supervisors to be utilized as a supervisory tool. The monthly Worker Production Report (FIM31473) has been revised to reflect current programs. Manual and system generated reinvestigations will be identified separately on the report.

Manually entered reinvestigation dates will not be updated with an automated reinvestigation if the date in Field 47 is within 30 days of the current date.



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