2005 Memorandums
IM-10      02/04/05




Memorandum IM-#80, dated 07/01/2003, introduced work registration/employment assessment code 25. Code 25 is used to re-refer food stamp participants who are sanctioned or being sanctioned to the Division of Workforce Development (DWD) for compliance. Upon implementation of Temporary Assistance into FAMIS, DWD and FSD have a data exchange interface called “MQ”. DWD staff check online “real time” via MQ and have immediate access to the name, DCN, type of assistance, application date, and work assessment code for food stamp participants assigned work assessment code 25. This is a similar process as discussed in Memorandum IM-#32, dated April 1, 2004, for the Temporary Assistance Program. This memorandum outlines the following:

Actions Taken by FSD staff

Workers in all counties must use work assessment code 25 and status MNC when an applicant or recipient wishes to end a sanction or stop the sanctioning process by complying with DWD. Take the following action:

Always enter code 25 and status MNC if an EU member needs to comply or agrees to comply the same day the individual indicates s/he wishes to comply.

Action Taken by DWD Staff

DWD cannot access information for food stamp participants who are assigned any work assessment code other than code 25. DWD checks the information provided from MQ for persons coded 25 who are re-referred via the IM-311 Referral and Transmittal form. The available information is used by DWD to open a case and begin services.

When a re-referred individual is not coded 25, Missouri Employment and Training (METP) services are not provided by DWD to the individual and compliance information is not provided to FSD.

Upon completion of enrollment of the re-referred individual, the DWD worker completes the bottom portion of the IM-311 Referral and Transmittal form and faxes it to FSD.

Ending Noncompliance in FAMIS

With receipt of verification a re-referred applicant has complied:

For those persons who are not yet sanctioned, compliance information is also provided through the nightly file exchange with DWD. When the compliance date is received on the nightly file, FAMIS updates the individuals work assessment code to 22 and status to MAN on the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen. A reminder is sent to the worker to end the sanction as discussed above.



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