2006 Memorandums
IM-5      01/23/06




Division of Medical Services (DMS) recently replaced an edit on MSPA preventing the county Family Support Division office from entering bills in MSPA to meet spenddown when an automatic bank withdrawal or a check submitted to DMS is returned due to insufficient funds. This edit was recently removed in error, but has since been reinstated.

For an automatic banking withdrawal returned for insufficient funds, the MPNI screen shows:

mpni screen shot 1

If the client mails in a check with his/her invoice and the check is insufficient, MPNI screen shows:

mpni screen shot 2

For insufficient payments, the MSPI screen displays the beginning date of coverage as the first day of the month and the ending date as the date the bank informs DMS the payment is insufficient. In either case, the client is to call the DMS Premium Collections Unit at 1-877-888-2811 (this line is answered Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and closed for state holidays). Do not instruct clients to purchase prescriptions to meet their spenddown once an insufficiency displays on the MPNI screen, as the MSPA system will not accept it and an override cannot be made from Central Office. If the client contacts the local office, check the MPNI and MSPI screens to confirm the situation. If an insufficient payment is confirmed, instruct the client to call the toll free Premium Collections Unit telephone number to get instructions on what needs to be done to resolve the situation.



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